Thales Haskell

Thales Haskell was one of the purest, brightest, kindest, interesting spirits; high minded, brave to a fault, always too big to do or think anything low or unworthy. ‘A man among men’ that could be trusted and that was an all-around true friend.

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Silas Sanford Smith

He was under all circumstances cool and courageous, feared nothing except his Father in Heaven, whom he served all the days of his life. In 1897 he was ordained a patriarch in the Church under the hands of President Wilford Woodruff, George Q. Cannon, and Joseph F. Smith.

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Captain Jefferson Hunt

He was a firm believer in the Gospel. He had a wonderful gift of healing by faith and the power of the priesthood. . .and the sick were usually healed instantly. To him was the gift of healing of the sick and power over evil spirits.

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Mary Duty Smith

The nearly ninety-three-year-old matriarch willingly endured a 500-mile journey, for “she had asked the Lord that she might live to see her children and grandchildren once more.” She told Lucy Smith, “I am going to have your Joseph [Jr.] baptize me, and my Joseph [the patriarch] bless me,”

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James Guthrie

As the hangman placed the noose around the faithful servant’s neck he cried, “The Covenants, The Covenants, shall yet be Scotland’s reviving.” Guthrie was one of the first of some 18,000 who over the next twenty-eight years would be martyred for the cause and sake of Christ.

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Asael Smith

No responsible biographer can call Asael irreligious, for he held deeply personal convictions about God. “Put your whole trust solely in him,” he counseled his wife: “He never did nor never will forsake any that trusted in him.”

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Sophronia Hunt

It was said of Sophronia by a friend who had known her through the years of her long life, That was the best woman who ever lived. Her long life of ninety-four years was one of loyal, unselfish service – cheering the sick, comforting the sad and helping the needy.

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John Telford

John Telford was a man of fine character and a natural leader. He was intellectual and of a highly spiritual nature and was very reverent. He was honest, industrious, straightforward and truthful, and had a high sense of justice and honor.

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Thomas Mayhew, Sr.

Books have been written about this great man. Governor Mayhew deserves to be ranked with Bradford and Winthrop, and other worthies, who established or governed the first English colonies in North America.

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For their salvation is necessary and essential to our salvation - Joseph Smith


1People such as Asael Smith, James Guthrie, Silas Sanford Smith, and others who made an impact on history.


2Stoddard ancestors from Scotland, Ireland, and England, along with other numerous places.


3The biographies, letters, and journals of people such as Thales Haskell, Norton Jacob, and others.


4The coat-of-arms, crests, flags, and other symbols of the Stoddard Family and their Ancestors.

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