Hunt, Sophronia Elizabeth

Hunt, Sophronia Elizabeth


Born: 27 Aug 1848, Salt Lake City, Utah

Spouse(s): William Albert Coffin

Married: 01 Jan 1867, Oxford, Oneida, Idaho, USA

Died: 26 Oct, 1942, Oxford, Bannock, Idaho, USA

Parents: Charles Jefferson Hunt and Matilda Jane Nease

Family Line: Catherine Coffin


Captain Jefferson Hunt of the Mormon Battalion – Pauline Udall Smith, p. 248

Sophronia Elizabeth Hunt was born in the Old Fort in Salt Lake City in a covered wagon, 27 August, 1848. She was the first child born to Jefferson Hunt and Matilda Nease. She grew up amidst all the hardships of early pioneer life, moved with her parents to San Bernardino, California, in 1851. returned with them to Utah in 1858 where they helped to settle the Ogden Valley and founded in 1860 the settlement of Huntsville. Her mother died when Sophronia was seventeen years old. She moved with her family to Oxford, Idaho, in November 1866, and here she was married to William Albert Coffin. In this vicinity were born to her twelve children. She lived a widow for forty-eight years, rearing her large family. She preformed the duties of midwife for many years, was president of Relief Society, was active in all the organizations of the Church and bore a powerful testimony of its divinity. She was a loyal participant in all civic movements for the country she loved so well.

Her long life of ninety-four years was one of loyal, unselfish service – cheering the sick, comforting the sad and helping the needy. She lies buried in Oxford Cemetery.

. . .

“It was said of Sophronia by a friend who had known her through the years of her long life, “That was the best woman who ever lived.”

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