Stoddard, Israel

Stoddard, Israel


Born: 7 May 1804, Plattsburg, Burlington, New Jersey

Married: 25 Oct 1823, Mt. Holly, NJ.

Spouse: Sarah Woodward

Died: Sep 1846, West Bank of Mississippi River

Parents: William Stoddard and Lydia Patterson

Family Line: Charles Henry Stoddard



“Move, move onward,” must have been the watchword of the Israel Stoddard family. What sacrifices they made! What trials they endured for choosing this new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! As far as is knownIsraelStoddard was the only member of his family to join.

A trail of graves was left by which we can follow this family from place to place. In Elizabeth Town, N.J. a son John Kean, age 14 months, was laid to rest 7 April 1841. AtSt. Louis,Mo., their first born, a daughter Mary, taken in beautiful young womanhood, 5 November 1843.

The spirit of gathering must have been strong within them. Like many others their only thought was that should they be able to live with the Saints in their sanctuary, Nauvoo, all would be well. So onward, ever onward. Hope and pray; pray and hope. At last their dream was fulfilled. The beautiful city was within sight. Here they would dwell with the Saints. Here they would build their home. Here theTemplewould be erected. Praise God for his mighty goodness and mercy.

Israel Stoddard was bom 7 May 1804 at Plattsburg,Burlington County,New Jersey(Plattsburg was later known as Sykesville). He was the son of William and Lydia Stoddard. He married Sarah Woodward about the year 1823 or early 1824. They were the parents of nine children: Mary, Charles Henry, Rebecca, William, George Platt, John Kean, Fredrick, Joseph E. and Alma.

We know very little of his life in Nauvoo except that he was a member of the 31st Quorum of Seventies. (Ch. Rec. Seventies Book B.P. 133). Also he received the Patriarchal blessing at the hands of Patriarch John Smith 18 August 1845 (Pat. Blessings, Vol.9, p.352).

However all was not peace in the city of the Saints, nor were their troubles ended.” They lost another son, one and one-half year old Joseph E. on 22 November 1845. Persecutions and mob violence increased day by day.

No on knows, nor perhaps will ever know, just what hardships and privations they were called upon to endure. What indignities or persecutions they suffered at the hands of their enemies before they were forced to abandon their Nauvoo will be lost to posterity forever.

Neither will it ever be known exactly how or whereIsraeland Sarah Stoddard died. Family tradition has fixed the place only as on the West bank of theMississippi River. We have proof another child, a son Alma, was bom 7 April 1846. His birth, we assume, occurred while they were on their flight westward.

That same year, 1846, is given as the date of the death of the father, Israel Stoddard and his wife Sarah. There were five children remaining out of nine – Charles, Rebecca, William, George P., Fredrick — to make their way toZionalone.

Israel Stoddard was 42 years of age at the time of his death. Exposure, poverty and disease must have hastened his untimely passing. Family history declares it was “the fever”. His name will go down among those men who remain an example of courage in the face of danger and an abiding faith and testimony in a cause he knew to be true.

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