Stoddard, Sarah Woodward

Stoddard, Sarah Woodward


Born: 1 November 1805, Jacobstown, Monmouth, New Jersey

Married: 25 Oct 1823, Mt. Holly, NJ.

Spouse:  Israel Stoddard

Died: 1846, West Bank of Mississippi River

Parents: David and Ruth Woodward

Family Line: Anna Victoria Stoddard



Sarah Woodward Stoddard was bom 3 November 1805 at Jacobstown, Monmouth, New Jersey. She was a daughter of David and Ruth Woodward. As a young woman of 19 years she married Israel Stoddard. Their first child, a daughter, was bom 26 December 1824. Sarah was the mother of seven sons and two daughters: Mary, Charles Henry, Rebecca, William, George P., John Kean, Fredrick A., Joseph E., and Alma.

She and her husband became converts to the L.D.S. church early in the 1840’s.

Her married life seems to have been a series of moving from place to place. Elizabeth Town, New Jersey,St. Louis,Missouri, andNauvoo,Illinoisare places recorded in their migrations.

It is assumed Ruth Woodward, Sarah’s mother, joined the church the same time as her daughter. She accompanied the Stoddards to Nauvoo. Her name is recorded as having done work in theNauvooTemple.

Many sorrows and tribulations came to try Sarah Stoddard. First her little son, fourteen months old John Kean, died in Elizabeth Town, New Jersey 7 April 1841. Two years later their lovely daughter, Mary, nineteen months old, passed away atSt. Louis,Missouri. Another two years and death claimed another young son, Joseph E. on 22 November 1845. His death occurred after the family had established themselves in the gathering place of the Saints, Nauvoo, the Beautiful. These sad events must have grieved her heart sorely.

While in Nauvoo Sarah received a Patriarchal Blessing from the Church Patriarch, John Smith, 20 January 1845. (His. Office. P. Blessings Vol.7, P.276).

After the Prophet Joseph Smith was martyred, she and her husband and family were among those driven by the mob out of their refuge city, Nauvoo. The first great exodus was in February, 1846. It is related the Stoddards were among those early ones to flee across theMississippi River. We can imagine her exhaustion, her anxiety and silent suffering. She was now about seven months pregnant with her ninth child.

Neither will it ever be known exactly how or where Israeland Sarah Stoddard died. Family tradition has fixed the place only as on the West bank of the Mississippi River. We have proof another child, a son Alma, was bom 7 April 1846. His birth, we assume, occurred while they were on their flight westward.

That same year, 1846, is given as the date of the death of the father, Israel Stoddard and his wife Sarah. There were five children remaining out of nine – Charles, Rebecca, William, George P., Fredrick to make their way toZionalone.

Israel Stoddard was 42 years of age at the time of his death. Exposure, poverty and disease must have hastened his untimely passing. Family history declares it was “the fever”. His name will go down among those men who remain an example of courage in the face of danger and an abiding faith and testimony in a cause he knew to be true.

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